Team Galaxy's Independent Reading Celebration

The library  was filled with poised presentations and creative projects in mid-March. It was Team Galaxy's Independent Reading Celebration, displaying what the 6th graders learned from reading biographies about famous people--from Sir Isaac Newton to Steve Jobs. For instance . . . 

  • Aaron's family listens to a lot of Bob Dylan. He chose to read a biography of the folksinger and presented his knowledge by creating a map of Greenwich Village as Dylan knew it. Visitors could lift up flaps and learn more about the places Bob Dylan lived and performed.  
  • Maeve read about the life of Hermine "Miep" Gies, the woman who hid Anne Frank's family in Amsterdam from 1942-1944. She enlivened what she learned by creating a doll-house sized replica of the space where the Franks hid.
  • Memphis loves Marvel’s movies. He read the biography of Moe Goodman, the founder of Marvel. To present what he learned, he not only dressed up as Goodman—he created an oversized comic book about the legendary publisher’s life.

"We are very proud of their hard work and creativity."

"The students worked diligently on crafting their biography essays focusing on the character strengths of the person," said Christine Watroba, Team Galaxy Co-Team Leader. "They also demonstrated the fruits of their labor with the quiz boards.  Students helped each other to construct and test their models by applying their knowledge of electrical circuits.  We are very proud of their hard work and creativity during the presentation of their projects today."