John jay's June Production

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"Changes" will be a recorded zoom production

“Changes” will be available for streaming starting June 10th. The link will be posted on John Jay High School's website

The production will feature a film score composed by junior Hunter McKendry. Overseeing the production are Stage Manager Ruby Bochicchio-Sipos and Assistant Stage Manager Grace Mango, both seniors.

Changes: an Ethnodrama - streaming starts June 10

Work on John Jay Theatre Workshop's June production is underway but instead of rehearsing a script, the students are writing the script! “Changes” is an ethnodrama, meaning that actors create a script based on interviews and perform it as a play.

It’s a big idea that taps students’ journalism skills as well as acting abilities, engaging long-time student-actors as well as those new to theater. 

“It’s a very unique experience,” said Flora Elghanayan, one of the 27 students involved. “We are so happy to have the opportunity to create something like this,” adds her twin sister Ava. Both have been involved in every John Jay production since they were freshmen. “It wouldn’t have happened any other year.”

new format attracts new students to theater

“I love watching theater and musicals but was always scared to audition for one,” said junior Sasha Volkova. “This year’s ethnodrama has a much more laid-back approach that made me more willing to try it out.” Freshman Maclain Rockett, who is also new to theater, said that they are really enjoying the writing, editing and debriefing process. They also designed the show's logo.

Even while the daily rehearsals are mainly writing and shaping sessions, the stage is always on the actors’ minds. “Ms. Urban is teaching us how to notice things about a person when we interview them—what they do with their hands, how they speak—so we can become them,” said Ava.

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