National Honor Society


John Jay High School inducted ninety-two seniors into the National Honor Society on Monday, November 23, 2020. The outstanding students are recognized for their academic achievement, participation in extracurricular activities and community service and leadership.    

The photo features John Jay's National Honor Society officers:  Rishabh Vuthamaraju, president; Audrey Campisi, vice president; Ryan Kaplan, treasurer; Olivia Shapiro, secretary; and Steve Zoeller, the faculty advisor. The candle in the middle represents the eternal light of knowledge that NHS members must pass on, casting a light that envelopes the remaining four. The rest of the candles represent the pillars of the National Honors Society: character, leadership, scholarship, and service

John Jay's National Honor Society officers

Class of 2021 Induction ceremony

Honoring service, leadership, scholarship and character

To be considered for the National Honor Society, students must have an unweighted average of 90.00. This alone is an honorable achievement, but not enough to gain entry, explains Steven Zoeller, the advisor for the National Honor Society at John Jay High School. The National Honor Society is a service organization; each student must show a history of community service since freshman year and have been involved with two organizations during their junior year. Finally, each inductee has been selected for a leadership role in an extra-curricular community service activity. 

“The students really show their character, passion and dedication through their service to the community while juggling commitments to clubs and sports,” said Zoeller. “How they do all this and maintain a 90+ average is amazing!”

a - f

Logan Aceste

Quade Albert

Benjamin Bartley-Cohen

Riley Bazaar

Sophia Benson

Sydney Bieber

Ruby Bochicchio-Sipos

Sophia Boubli

Ava Buzzeo

Audrey Campisi

Miles Capobianco

Liliana Carey

Benjamin Cohen

Jonathan Connelly

Kelsey Crawford

Timothy Cronin

Dana Culhane

Mia DiChiara

Brynn DiGuglielmo

Alexandra Edelman

Donald Engelhardt

Gabe Feinstein

Alexandra Fergusson

Jonathan Frantz

g - l

Margaret Gereghty

Nicholas Giardina

Sofia Gil

Brianna Griffith

Aidan Grskovic

Sophie Guo

Grady Halaifonua

Michaela Harris

Harrison Heftler

Kieran Heneghan

Tyler Hines

Lainie Ingersoll

Ethan Jackson

Aine Kaminski

Ryan Kaplan

Aidan Kelley

Anton Klettner

Sophia Kreckler

Catherine Labriola

Amelia Landis

Caroline Lasota

David Lovejoy

Maya Luongo

m - r

Kaitlyn Machado

Grace Mango

George Marcogliese

Kate Markowitz

Megan McCarthy

Zoe McMahon

Evan Morefield

Lauren Mullaney

Lindsay Neumann

Paul Newcomb

Arcadia Ohnemus

Christina Oliveri

Isabel O'Shaughnessy

Zoe Ozols

Madeleine Panek

Lily Preis

Nicholas Puccio

Sawyer Reed

Sophie Rice

Casey Richman

Danielle Roban

Sophie Rudin

s - z

Joelle Sacks

Seth Samuelson

Remi Sandell

Ashley Schafer

Maya Schwartz

Abigail Scinicariello

Olivia Shapiro

Casey Slepian

Emma Spink

Winter Stathis

Mark Stevens

Aidan Sussman

Faye Tobin

Bennett Tropiano

Sabrina Vorbeck

Rishabh Vuthamaraju

Gavin Wagner

Bryce Walsh

Owen Walsh

Scott Weinstein

Casey Wilcox

Kristen Wolfe

Patrick Ziegler