Music Technology Builds Capacity at John Jay High School

The hub of the music technology program is room G112, a vaulted classroom which houses eighteen iMac workstations and a recording sound booth.

Jack McMahon and several other Advanced Music Technology students came in this past summer to help the Technology Department set up new iMacs and M-Audio Code 61 keyboard controllers as well as install new versions of Finale and other compositional software programs. 

 “Students are able to work with Abelton Live, Logix Pro X, and our updated ear-training software, Musition and Auralia. ProTools is also available for students to use in our recording sound booth, where students can sing and play acoustic or electronic instruments in a live-recording setting,” said Geiger. 

“The lab was also equipped with new multimedia presentation technologies which will allow finished compositions to be played to the entire class in production quality sound,” said Chris Nelson, Director of Technology.

The next improvement on the horizon is new audio monitoring equipment—an upgrade funded by the Forever Molly and Gregory Fund under the KL Foundation.

JJHS's Music Technology Concert on January 22

Jack McMahon’s winning composition will be performed at the NYSSMA Winter Conference. He and the other spotlighted composers will attend the Young Composer Seminar with Roshanne Etezady, the Composer-in-Residence, as well as participate in Composition Coaching Workshops. 

“Free Flying” will also be performed closer to home—at John Jay High School on Tuesday, January 22, at 7:00 p.m.—at the district’s first ever Music Technology Concert.

A Music and Technology Collaboration