Grades 9-11 Awards

Book Awards:

Harvard University: Andrew Lucassen

Smith College: Alyson Parker

Tulane University: Jonathan Walerys

Williams College: Caroline Panzirer

Brown University: Ella Rust and Kaitlyn Varriale

Mount Holyoke College: Alice van Wijnen

University of Pennsylvania: Finn Scherer

Lasell University: Liam Tuohy

Saint Michael’s College: Camille Carey and Martin Brandwein\

Oberlin College: Lorenna Graham
Saint Lawrence University: Ava Kersh
Saint Anselm College: Sophia DiFalco
Wellesley College: Sofia DiLeo
Yale University: Victoria Fenton

May 26 Awards Ceremony


Excellence in Drawing and Painting: Paige Martin, Alyson Parker

Excellence in Photography: Sydney Rossi

Excellence in Film Making: Jon Walworth

Excellence in Ceramics: Naomi Gordin


Excellence in Architecture: Carolina Cerna, Ava Kelley, Joseph Klettner, Giovanna Motta, Millie Peacock, Paige Phillips

Excellence in Business Ed: Jessica Piechota and Zachary Purdey

Excellence in Computer Science: Ines Nix and Jonathan Walerys

Excellence in Engineering: Ashley Buatte


 Excellence in English 9: Alice Cai

Excellence in English 10: Gerard Garofolo

Excellence in English 11: Victoria Fenton

Excellence in Humanities Research: Kaitlyn Varriale


Math: Outstanding performance in AMC 10: Alice Cai

The Rensselaer Award: Kaitlyn Varriale