rite of spring

 The Opening Reception for the Rite of Spring, an annual show of John Jay High School's Visual Arts Department, is Thursday, March 22, 6:30 - 8:00 p.m., in the school's main hallway. The show features students' drawings, paintings, photographs, films, and pottery.

John Jay Students Identify 3 reasons to take art classes

 JJHS art1. Love

Anya, a senior, is embroidering on a silk cloth she painted. “I like to use multimedia in my pieces. Instead of drawing the surrealism details, I’m needle-working them."

She pauses to look at her work. “I like it—it looks like the sky. It’s really just an excuse for me to embroider.” Anya is planning to go to art school in the fall. She’s been taking as many art classes as her schedule can accommodate. “I took three art classes last year--that meant no lunch period and 0 period gym."


 JJHS art2. Self-expression

Sarah, a senior, is creating a vibrant ink blot painting--the beginning of a Surrealist drawing project. She compares the experience to her AP Calculus class. “This is the only class you can do mostly whatever you want. It’s such a stress release—it’s so freeing.”

Tori, a ceramics student, concurs. “Art is such a liberating form of self-expression. Your work is always evolving."



3. Confidence building

Keilen, a junior, is a first-year ceramics student. Judi Offenberg, an art teacher at John Jay, watches her confidently throw a bowl on the wheel. “If you can use the potter’s wheel, you can do anything in the entire world,” said Offenberg. WATCH. 

Across the studio, Reilly, a junior, is also immersed in ink blot painting. “I’ve taken four art classes in a row. I can really see how I’ve improved and grown."




Many students at John Jay High School take Studio Art and Design to fulfill their fine arts requirement. John Jay offers three arts sequences: a four-year fine arts sequence that culminates in an optional portfolio review in AP Drawing and Painting, a three-year ceramics and sculpture sequence, and a three-year media and technology sequence which offers an optional three college credits class.  MORE. 


Thank you ArtsAlive

ArtsALIVE, the booster organization for the arts at Katonah-Lewisboro School District, purchased frames and a display cases for 3D work which will be used at Rite of Spring.