What to do

What to do in the event of COVID positive case

If a student tests positive, it is best to reach out to your school principal or school nurse as soon as you receive the test results. If this happens during the school day, please call. If it’s at night or on a weekend, email is best. The sooner we get the information, the better.

John Jay High School
Principal Steven Siciliano, ssiciliano@klschools.org, 763-7206
School nurses Cyndi Mallon/Julia Fitzgerald, cmallon@klschools.org, jfitzgerald@klschools.org, 763-7205

John Jay Middle School
Principal Jeff Swiatowicz, jswiatowicz@klschools.org, 763-7535
School nurses Mary Mullaney/Ellen Pappas, mmullaney@klschools.org, epappas@klschools.org, 763-7508

Increase Miller Elementary School
Principal Kerry Ford, kford@klschools.org, 763-7118
School nurse Lisa Kopf, lkopf@klschools.org, 763-7139

Katonah Elementary School
Principal Cristy Harris, charris@klschools.org, 763-7701
School nurse Sallyann Rozsa, srozsa@klschools.org, 763-7706

Meadow Pond Elementary School
Principal Ashlyn Field, afield@klschools.org, 763-7909
School nurse Elizabeth Marcoux, emarcoux@klschools.org, 763-7907