Visitors, Cohorts


In order to maintain health and safety within our buildings to the greatest extent possible, it is our intention to minimize visitors to our buildings. Other than a true emergency, meetings will be held virtually and there should be no reason for a visitor to come to school. 

In those rare cases in which a person believes they must visit, they must call first to seek an appointment. All visitors arriving at the front entrance of a school will be asked by the greeter for confirmation of their appointment, and the appointment will be confirmed internally before the visitor enters.

If an appointment is confirmed, the visitor will be administered a health screener (including temperature check) prior to entering the building. In addition, the visitor will be provided information related health and safety protocols prior to entering the building.


One of the most effective means of minimizing the spread of COVID-19 is to maintain small groups that stay together through the school day. This is most possible at the elementary level. When in school, elementary students will maintain their cohort through the day to the greatest extent practical. Teachers and other staff will travel to classrooms, to the greatest extent possible, so as to minimize the need for cohort movement through the building. Lunch will be eaten by students in their classrooms.

In the secondary schools, scheduling and class assignments challenge the ability to maintain small cohorts. To the greatest extent possible, students will eat in classrooms. If seating in the cafeterias is necessary, it will be arranged in a socially distant manner.