Technology and Connectivity

Access to Devices and high-speed internet access

For the fall 2020, every student will be issued a district-owned digital device to use in school and at home. These devices have built in cameras to support synchronous learning activities in a remote learning environment. Students will take devices home each evening, so that we're always ready for a potential transition. 

The district has also provided a common learning platform, Schoology, for all learners and teachers to conduct synchronous and asynchronous lesson activities in an online format.

All KLSD teachers and administrators have district-issued laptops for use at school and at home for instructional purposes.  

The district has completed several projects this July and August to ensure a solid on-campus network infrastructure considering the growing need to broadcast lessons and provide content to students in a hybrid setting. The district technology team has upgraded network switching equipment to expand capacity and has grown the campus internet bandwidth to 1.5gb speeds from one gigabit this past school year.  These improvements will ensure teachers can broadcast from their classrooms and students can participate in synchronous learning activities with their teachers and classmates.

Our distance learning survey for families, administered in June of 2020, indicated that 91% of our families reported consistent internet access during the extended closure. The district is committed to the goals of the USNY Statewide Learning Technology Plan to ensure our students and faculty have access to devices and internet, both at school and at their places of residence.  We will work with students, families and faculty to ensure that every member of our school community has access to a device and adequate internet connectivity.

We have, and will continue to, reach out to families and educators who have limited, inconsistent or inadequate internet access and provide hot spots wherever possible. In many cases, hot spots will not work within our community because of inadequate cellular service in the area.  Our Director of Technology is working with internet providers and local leaders to lobby for increased cell coverage for the school community.

Multiple ways for students to participate in learning and demonstrate mastery of Learning Standards in remote or blended models

Although our students will have mobile devices and internet access, we continue to value hands-on, off-screen learning experiences during school closures.  Consistent with the district’s Learning and Technology Commitments, we plan to continue to take full advantage of non-digital resources and all types of inspiring learning opportunities. In the event of hybrid or distance instruction, teachers will gather non-digital supplies for students to take home, including books, manipulatives, workbooks, art supplies, and other learning tools. These tools, along with the digital resources we provide, will ensure student progress toward the NYS standards in reading, writing, mathematics, the arts and other content and special areas.