Teaching and Learning

Continuity of Learning

KLSD’s reopening plans provide continuity of learning through schedules that allow students to access synchronous mini-lessons (which will be recorded whenever possible), at specified times each day, followed by times to work on the application of the skills taught or to engage in independent work and interaction with teachers for guidance and feedback.  (See more about this on the school schedules page). All K-12 students will be assigned to group A or B. In most cases, when students in Group A are in school, those in Group B will be at home. In some cases, Group A and Group B will be in school at the same time. In all cases, whether in school or at home, students will follow schedules that are either similar or identical whether our District is in a hybrid, fully remote, or fully in-person model.

Students who are not able to access lessons synchronously will have asynchronous access to recorded lessons to the extent practical. Our schedules have been designed with the idea that we’ll be able to transition from one scenario to another (i.e, from in-person to remote) with as little disruption as possible. Continuity of instruction will be significantly aided for the 2020-21 school year by the fact that all teachers and students will have district-issued digital devices that they will take home with them each night when we are in-person or that they will have at home whenever we are a remote situation. The addition of a K-12 learning platform (Schoology) will enhance the continuity of learning at all times.

Standards Alignment and Student Expectations

Our curriculum in all areas is aligned with the outcomes of the New York State Learning Standards. As teachers review their curriculum and plan for instruction that can be adjusted for any learning model, they are being asked to consider the most essential standards for students in their courses and prioritize based on standards that are foundational for future learning in other courses and/or grade levels.  As we strive to meet students where they are, and wanting to ensure high quality experiences with content and process, teachers are asked to focus on the most important standards, with opportunities for enhancement and extended engagement whenever possible.   

The 2020-21 school year will see a return of grading for students. Teachers will maintain traditional KLSD expectations for work completion and quality of student work in order to support students striving towards their greatest potential. 

Ongoing professional learning opportunities, provided by our internal staff developers and outside consultants, will support teachers as they do this important work. 

Substantive Interaction

Our schedules for remote, hybrid and in-person learning environments that promote social distancing include scheduled times that will be used for synchronous instruction (connecting teachers and students in school with those at home in real time), live or pre-recorded mini-lessons, and time for teachers to provide students with check-ins, which provide individuals or small groups with opportunities for targeted feedback on work that has been submitted or is in progress, as well as review or reteaching of skills and concepts as needed. 

Our district provides a variety of ongoing, job-embedded professional learning experiences to support teachers in enhancing their remote and face-to-face teaching practices.  Through the work of internal staff developers, administrators, teacher leaders and outside consultants, we are committed to providing a system of research-based professional learning experiences for our faculty.


Equity is a priority for the Katonah-Lewisboro School District.  Our schedules, policies and procedures are created with a focus on providing equitable opportunities and resources for students.  This includes access to tools and resources for all students, a focus on student-centered differentiated instruction, and a curriculum that is responsive to student need. 

Faculty members provide opportunities to confer with students about their work and provide targeted feedback on strengths and areas of growth.  When students are face-to-face with teachers in classrooms, this occurs through regular individual and small-group check-ins. In a remote model, these same check-ins will occur using videoconferencing tools, shared documents and digital response tools.  Our new learning management system, Schoology, will make the scheduling and integration of these meetings more efficient and accessible to all students.

Communication and Contact

All schools in the Katonah-Lewisboro School District will be using Schoology, a learning management system that will promote streamlined communication among students, teachers, administrators and families.  Schoology has mobile apps for students and parents to provide access for families to aspects of the student experience, such as due dates and announcements.  In addition, contact information for all school employees is listed on each school's website.  Because of the accessibility tools we have embedded in our website, as well as other free tools like Google Translate and the support of our Technology Department, we feel confident that our messages can be read in the preferred language of each individual user.