Communication: Family and Community Engagement

Community Engagement in Development of the Reopening Plan

Our commitment is to keep our entire community informed and engaged as we move through the process towards reopening our schools.

We began working towards this reopening plan even while we were still engaged in last spring’s distance learning experience. We conducted focus groups with students and parent leadership groups. In mid-June, we surveyed families to best understand their needs, along with what was working and what wasn’t. We received more than 1400 responses from parents representing students at every grade level in the district. In late June 2020, we surveyed students in grades 5 – 12 and received 557 responses.

We are enormously grateful to everyone who has participated in the development of our reopening plans. 

Late May

In late May, we formed our KL Reopening Steering Committee, comprised of four sub-committees focused on Academics, Health & Safety, Social Emotional Wellness, and Communication. More than 100 members of our staff joined these sub-committees to think about what would be necessary for an effective and healthy re-opening this fall. These subcommittees were comprised as follows:

Academics Health & Safety  Social Emotional Wellness Communication 
Mary Ford, DW  Danelle Placella, DW  Alice Cronin, DW  Andrew Selesnick,DW 
Monica Bermiss, JJMS  Jeffrey Swiatowicz, JJMS  Cristy Harris, KES  Vincent Bell, JJHS 
Christopher Nelson, DW  Kim Piccolino, JJHS  Shantel Brooks, JJMS  Dawn Pomeroy, MPES
Steven Siciliano, JJHS  Christian McCarthy, DW  Catherine McNulty, DW  Lenore Person, DW 
Kerry Ford, IMES  Andrew Galotti, IMES  Marisa Merlino, JJMS/HS  Jeanne Hand, KES 
Jeffrey Cole, Secondary  Carolann Castellano, MP Dawn Pomeroy, MPES  Paul Anello, DW 
Bridget Becker, Elem Paul Christensen, DW  Michael Weschler, IMES  Bryan Collins, DW 
Andrew Selesnick, DW  Samir Biswas, JJHS  Rebecca Zampolin, KES  Michelle Gaudio, JJHS 
Christine DiCosola, JJHS  Nora Beltran, DW  Denise Friedly, JJHS  April Higgins, IMES 
David Fritsch, JJMS  Kweon Stambaugh, KES  Deanna Spoto, DW  Barbara Semenetz, JJH
Amy Geiger, JJHS  Mike Lavoie, DW  Sarah Fryd, JJMS  Guy Amdur, JJMS 
Marcia Daley-Savo, JJMS  Vincent Bell, JJHS  Annemarie Macsweeney,JJM Lisa Burroughs, IMES 
Alison Porcelli, DW  Matthew Knittel, HS/MS Jocelyn Lividini, IMES   
Elayna Krebser, KES  Erin Asaro, JJHS  Marlee Schwartz, JJHS   
Mark Grossman, JJMS  Bill McGarvie, DW  Jennifer Makover, JJMS   
Kerrie Kuntz, JJHS  Lauri Griffin, IMES  Michelle Belasco, IMES   
William Friedman, JJHS  Gretchen Morfea, IMES Ray DiStephan, JJMS   
Jodi Riordan, JJHS  Deborah Winter, KES  Jennifer Lovallo, JJHS   
Dina Rottmann, JJHS  Heather Bishop, IMES  Jeanne Kellachan, JJMS   
Thomas Rizzotti, JJHS  Laura Woelfel, JJMS  Barbara Milone, MPES   
Patricia Patwell, IMES  Mary Mullaney, JJMS  Lara Monasch, MPES   
Amy Stockfield, JJHS  Daniel Longhurst, JJHS  Stephen DelMoro, JJMS   
Melissa DiMarco, MPES  Melissa Mahon, JJHS  Ronnie Thompson, JJHS   
Susan Dillon, IMES  Lisa Kopf, IMES  Laura Ingram, JJHS   
Jennifer McLean, JJHS  Carly Spaeth, JJMS  Michele Kressu, IMES   
Kathy O'Neil, JJMS  Vincent Kennedy, JJMS  Courtney Hamilton, JJHS   
Catherine Graybosch, DW   Cynthia Mallon, JJHS   
Annmarie Lipinsky, JJHS    Dawn Ausiello, IMES   
Marissa Marmo, IMES    Colleen Walsh, IMES   
Jennifer Fraczek, JJMS    Beth DeBeer, JJHS   
Amanda Urban, JJHS    Rosa Bennett, MPES   
Jennifer Marschner, JJHS    Patricia Bragdon, JJHS   
Michael Guarini, JJHS     Kim Mammoser, JJHS   
Melissa Brady, JJMS    Sean Murphy, JJMS   
Kristin Couto, KES    Ann Marie Simone, JJHS   
Jacqueline Kovatch, MPES   Melissa Smythe, JJMS   
Elissa Leventhal, JJMS       
Monica Lambert, IMES       
Noelle Maoriello, JJHS       
Lynn Garofolo, KES       
Mary Dillon, JJMS       
Marc McAlley, JJHS       
Geneve Patterson, KES       
Deirdre Parkhurst, KES       
Kimberly Buckley, KES       
Matthew Funnell, JJHS      
Katrina Costello, JJMS       
Anna Loeb, JJMS       
Lynn Swee, KES       
Jason Briggs, MPES       
Susan Hirsch, KES       
Jessica Wood Kelley,IM      
Jill Walsh, MPES       
Meghan Lynch, JJHS       
Lisa Ferrauto, MPES       


While our sub-committees have continued meeting through the summer, we also formed an umbrella steering committee to study the State’s guidance and help us formulate the plan we will follow. We also met with a group of parents and students to gather feedback on our thinking as the plan was developing.

District Re-Opening Planning Committee  Parent/Student Feedback Group 
Andrew Selesnick, DW  Sunny Turner, IMES  
Mary Ford, DW  Jamie Thomas, IMES  
Alice Cronin, DW  Deborah Goldstein, JJMS/JJHS  
Danelle Placella, DW  Jim  Danalewich, MPES/IMES 
Cristy Harris, KES  Susan Lasota, JJHS  
Jeff Swiatowicz, JJMS  Kerby  Halaifonua, JJHS 
Samir Biswas, JJHS  Michelle Bieber, JJMS 
Christian McCarthy, DW  Amanda Hufnagel, JJMS 
Catherine McNulty, DW  Leah Jacobson, JJMS 
Paul Christensen, DW  Lisa Roberts, MPES  
Nora Beltran, DW  Emma  Cabaness, KES
Christine Samuelson, IMES  Gentian  Falstrom, KES  
Kendra Collins, JJMS  Narissa  Joyner , IMES 
Ann Marie Lipinsky, JJHS  Karen Byrne, IMES 
Jen Fraczek, JJMS  Radovan  Harabis, KES  
Sean Murphy, JJMS  Kira  Olugebefola, KES 
Barbara Milone, MPES  Kate  Belders, MPES 
Amy Geiger, JJHS  J Tiffany Childs, MPES  
Vin Kennedy, JJMS  Kausik  Kar, JJMS 
Diana McLoughlin, JJHS  Michelle Christie, JJMS  
Kathy Downz, DW  Liz  Gebbia, JJHS 
Ronnie Thompson, JJHS  Erica Rogan, KES  
Shoshanna Bennett, JJHS Marjorie Schiff, JJMS/JJHS/BOE
  Julia Hadlock, JJHS/BOE  
  Sawyer Reed, JJHS
  Rishabh  Vuthamaraju, JJHS  
  Aidan Sussman, JJHS 
  Eliza Walsh, JJHS  

Other Summer Initiatives

In July we invited our community to participate in a regional Thought Exchange to gather additional community input towards re-opening. The process brought together the thinking of staffs, communities, parents, and students from 14 local Districts. More than 14,000 people participated in the exchange in total. More than 1300 members of the KLSD community participated.

Additionally, in July, KLSD surveyed the community again to understand initial thinking and level of comfort with the idea of returning to in-person schooling and using school district transportation to travel to and from school. Families responded on behalf of more than 1900 students (there are approximately 3000 students in the District) to this most recent survey.

The Superintendent of Schools has sent weekly update to the community through the summer, to keep all apprised of the developing plans. The KLSD Board of Education engaged in a conversation about the plans on July 30, 2020.

All of our plans related to the health of students and staff have been reviewed by our District’s medical director: Dr. Louis Corsaro.

Ongoing Communication Plan

When school opens in September, significant time will be devoted to training staff and students about all the necessary health and safety protocols. The topics will include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Social Distancing
  • CDC and DOH guidance regarding Respiratory and Hand Hygiene
  • CDC and DOH guidance regarding Face Coverings
  • CDC and DOH guidance regarding use of other PPE when appropriate
  • Travel about the school building
  • Cleaning your personal space before and after use
  • Spotting symptoms of COVID-19 in self and others
  • Daily Health Screenings
  • Arriving to and leaving from school

In addition to trainings, reminder signs on topics such as hand & respiratory hygiene and social distancing will be posted throughout our schools. Reminders will also be sent to students, staff, and families periodically and will be posted on our website in the KLSD Reopens section.

All website postings are available for translation into other languages. Targeted mailings home will be translated and at the start of the year, translated messages will inform families how to navigate and use our website in the preferred language.

Our Blackboard Connect messenger systems allows us to use email, text messaging, and phone calls to all of our families. In addition, our new Schoology learning management system will enhance and ease communication with students and families.