Child Nutrition

KLSD has engaged with our food service management company (Aramark) to be sure we’re ready to meet all the requirements we typically meet when schools are open and all the new requirements in place in light of COVID-19.

KLSD is ready to provide all enrolled students with access to school meals each school day, whether students are in attendance at school or learning remotely.

Depending on the learning model in place, we will be prepared to offer meals in the following configurations:

  • Take home meal
  • Grab-n-Go
  • Custom-Order Delivery to Classrooms
  • Reduced Capacity Staggered Café Service
  • Open Café with Limited High-Contact Areas at Social Distance

KLSD will address all applicable health and safety guidelines.

All food service models will offer the ability to provide students with a complete USDA meal with either hot and/or cold offerings offered daily, in compliance with all Child Nutrition Program requirements.

Communication with families will occur through our website which can be translated into multiple language and by email (which can be translated as necessary).

Safety Measures for Kitchen Staff

Kitchen staff will follow all the same safety protocols as all other school personnel (including completion of daily health screener, training related to awareness of symptoms, social distancing, face coverings, etc.). In addition, the following safety measures are under development for kitchen staff:

  • Mandatory handwashing every 20 minutes
  • Employee temperature monitoring during the day
  • Proactively procured, additional PPE
  • Use of barriers between servers and students

KLSD and Aramark will ensure that current food service precautions and protocols related to food allergies are followed.

Safety Measures for Students

Students will be trained to perform hand hygiene before and after eating. Training at the start of the year and periodically thereafter, as well as signs displayed prominently around the school will serve as regular reminders. Food sharing will be discouraged (again through training, reminders, and signs).

KLSD will make every effort to limit the number of students using common areas such as cafeterias. In those cases where cafeterias are used, social distancing will be enforced. In addition, there will be an emphasis on repeated cleaning of high-touch areas, such as door handles, tables, trays, and other materials frequently used. Surfaces will be regularly sanitized with approved materials. The food service management company will work in conjunction with District custodial services who are following all CDC and OSHA guidelines related to cleaning and disinfecting.