The Katonah-Lewisboro School District takes seriously its responsibility to support students and staff members during these unprecedented times.


Parents of students who believe their child will need accommodations because of the health of the student or a person a student lives with should contact the principal of the school the child will attend in the fall. If the reason for the concern is a student health issue, the principal may work with the family to create an appropriate plan and/or the matter may be referred to the Office of Special Services. If the concern is related to another member of the household, the principal or designee will work with the family to create a plan for continuity of learning for the student.


Employees who believe they will need workplace accommodations because they are at high risk must reach out to Human Resources. Based on information provided, and consistent with state law and relevant guidance, the District will consider to what extent reasonable accommodations may be provided to employees so they may perform the essential functions of their jobs safely and effectively. Employees will be required to provide information to assist the District in understanding both the basis and nature of the request for a reasonable accommodation. It may not be necessary for the employee to share a medical diagnosis or condition, but the employee will need to:

  • indicate the nature of the physical or mental limitation(s)
  • indicate the expected duration of limitation(s)
  • explain how the disability/limitation affects the ability to perform the essential functions of the job
  • explain the accommodations needed to perform essential functions
  • identify needed equipment if requested
  • indicate whether a health professional has recommended a specific accommodation
  • attach a copy of recommendation from health professional if applicable

Employees may be asked to provide the District with further medical or mental health documentation to support a request for reasonable accommodation.

Information provided by employees or other entities related to these requests will be filed separately from the employee's personnel file and be treated confidentially.