Welcome Back 2019

Welcome Back 2019

August 27, 2019

Dear KLSD Families,

I know you are currently receiving a number of communications from our schools as we prepare to open for students next week, so I will keep this message brief.

Most importantly, know that we are excited to welcome back all of our almost 3,000 students on September 4th. Once again this year, in support of our Learning Commitment, we will be working to help our students know themselves, know and develop their strengths and their interests, and recognize the value of new learning.

We are also excited to begin the year with a later, healthier start time at John Jay Middle School. Although we’ve spent the summer planning for a single start time on our JJMS/JJHS campus, we still ask for your patience and cooperation as we work through inevitable hiccups in the first couple weeks of school.

And finally, on Tuesday, September 3rd, we will be in meetings with all our staff during the morning. If you are hoping to visit any of our buildings prior to September 4th, please know that it will not be possible on the morning of the 3rd. I suggest you call ahead to the school if you hope to visit another time.

Enjoy the remainder of this week and the long weekend ahead.


Andrew Selesnick, Superintendent of Schools