Test to Stay

KLSD Test-to-Stay Program

Effective January 24, 2022

The Test-to-Stay (TTS) program allows asymptomatic unvaccinated students and staff to return to school during the quarantine period following close contact with a positive individual. The student/staff member is still expected to quarantine outside the school day. Details are as follows:

1. TTS is intended for an asymptomatic unvaccinated student or staff member who is a close contact of a COVID positive individual while at school. Those who have documented proof of vaccination or a documented diagnosis of COVID in the 90 days preceding exposure are not required to use the TTS program.

2. The test kits necessary for TTS are being made available to all families and will be distributed to those identified as close contacts when needed.

3. Once a student/staff member has been identified as a close contact, to continue attending school, he/she must perform a rapid antigen test at home in the morning prior to arriving at school. The school representative must receive an email prior to the start of the school day with a picture of the negative result. The test must be labeled in marker with name, date, and time of test, as follows:


If the parent is unable to email the school in the morning, the parent may bring their child to school 15 minutes prior to the start of school and provide proof of the negative test result.  

4. Testing must be performed every day before school on days 1-5 after exposure (Day 0 is the day of exposure).

5. The testing schedule will be adjusted depending upon what day after documented exposure the positive is identified. Students only need to test on days they attend school (no weekend testing). 

6. Those using TTS must maintain masking at all times (with the exception of lunch) for a full 5 days post exposure.  Individual mask breaks, away from others, can be provided as needed. 

7. Those who test negative through TTS may attend school but may not participate in sports or after school activities until after day 5.

8. Any individual who is newly exposed during the TTS protocol must re-start the count of days. Any individual who tests positive through the TTS program or develops symptoms will be required to isolate for the appropriate timeframe.