School Start/End Times Decision

March 8, 2019

Dear KLSD Community,

At last night's Board of Education meeting, we shared the decision that starting with the 2019-2020 school year, our school start/end times will be as follows:

  • Elementary Schools: 9:15 - 3:40
  • JJMS and JJHS: 8:10 - 2:48

As I am sure you are aware, this decision was many months in the making. My thanks to all those members of our staff who devoted many hours to research and deliberation. My thanks also to the many members of our community who contributed their thoughts and questions. The participation from our community was significant and the support for a later start time for our middle school was overwhelming.

In the end, our decision was driven primarily out of concern for adolescent mental health and wellness. Of course, a change in school start time alone is not going to solve what is a nation-wide challenge, but it is one step in a healthier direction. 

We will always continue looking for opportunities to strengthen the school experience for all our students, and I thank you for your partnership in this mission.


Andrew Selesnick, Superintendent of Schools