Reminders - Learning Model Decision and Superintendent Coffee

Dear KLSD Families,

Two reminders this morning:

First, for any family that is contemplating changing the schooling model in which your child is currently enrolled (hybrid vs. fully remote), please remember that the deadline for letting us know is the end of the day tomorrow (Tuesday, 10/6). Here is the link to the form you must submit. Please remember that you must log in as the child for whom you are requesting the change (or complete the form on that child’s district-issued device). We anticipate that we will make the change effective November 2 and we will ask you to stay with this decision through the end of January. If you are not requesting a change at this time, you do not need to be in touch with us.

Second, a reminder that I’m hosting a Superintendent’s Coffee on Zoom from 7:00 to 8:00 pm this evening. Here is the link for tonight’s meeting. Thank you to all who have submitted questions in advance. Based on those questions, I will be discussing, among other things, the decision referenced above, some of the challenges inherent in the hybrid learning model, Wednesdays, COVID related health and safety issues, and fall sports.

Thank you and be well,

Andrew Selesnick, Superintendent of Schools