Mask Mandate Update

February 27, 2022

Dear KLSD Community,

Earlier today, Governor Hochul announced that the mask mandate for schools will be lifted effective this Wednesday, March 2. As we’ve indicated previously, when the State’s guidance changes for schools, we will follow the revised guidance. As a result, we anticipate that masks will be optional in our schools starting this Wednesday. Until Wednesday, the mandate remains in place.

We also anticipate that new guidance for schools from the Department of Health will arrive in the next day or two. This is important to us, as there are some issues related to the wearing of masks that we hope will be clarified in this new guidance – questions about social distancing in a mask-optional environment, requirements regarding school buses, and requirements following a 5-day quarantine period. As soon as we have more detail, we will share it with you.

Importantly, throughout the pandemic, we have put our trust in our public health leaders at both the state and national levels, fully aware that their guidance has evolved with the evolution of the virus. As the environment shifts again this week, we expect respectful understanding of the individual decisions students and staff will make – whether that decision is to wear a mask or not. When the rules shift, everyone will have the right to their own decision and the right not to have their decision questioned by others.

I encourage families to talk at home about the decision they would want their children to make in school. When at school, if students have questions or concerns, they are encouraged to visit the school nurse, their counselor, or their school administrator.

Thank you,

Andrew Selesnick, Superintendent of Schools