Learning Cafe

April 18, 2022

Dear KLSD Community,

I am excited to invite you to our spring learning café on the topic of Inclusion. This café will take place in the JJMS dining room at 7:00 on Tuesday, April 26. To be sure we can appropriately accommodate all our guests, we ask that you RSVP on this linked form no later than noon on Friday, April 22.

If you have never attended one of our cafes, know that they are an opportunity for you to engage actively in small group conversation with other community members along with members of our staff. It is not a night when you’ll be listening to a speaker, so please arrive expecting to participate.

Whether we hear the word inclusion at the end of the phrase “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” or in the context of special education and an Inclusion Model, the concept of inclusion is deeply intertwined with how we understand the purpose of school. Next week, we look forward to exploring the concept of inclusion with you and thinking together about its meaning in our schools and our community.


Andrew Selesnick, Superintendent of Schools