January 7, 2021

Dear KLSD Families,

In light of yesterday’s unsettling events in Washington, I want to assure you that our staff have been thinking and talking together in order to be best prepared to support your children. We have shared resources with staff and will offer support to students as necessary and appropriate.

Since so many of our students are home, we also want to offer you a few thoughts about how to help children and young adults navigate unsettling times:

  • All children’s needs are different, so take your cue from your child. Listen and answer their questions with facts you know to be true. Don’t feel the need to provide more than they are asking for.
  • Emphasize that they are safe. Validate whatever feelings your child may be having and reassure them that they are surrounded by caring adults at home and at school.
  • Limit the amount of independent time and access your child has to the news. If your child expresses interest in learning more, considering watching and/or reading together so you can talk through questions and worries together.
  • Maintain normal routines.
  • Continue to observe your child for signs of distress. If you ever have concerns about your child’s wellbeing, never hesitate to reach out to our clinicians, counselors, and/or administrators at school.

For further reading, here is a resource from the National Association of School Psychologists.

Finally, I believe it’s always important to offer children (and ourselves) hope and optimism. Yesterday was a deeply unsettling day. Still, I’m a firm believer in the quote attributed to Dr. King and others that says, “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.” Our country’s democracy has suffered setbacks before. I believe yesterday’s events will inspire many more to continue on the path towards justice for all.

Be well,

Andrew Selesnick

Superintendent of Schools