Important Reminders Before School Starts

September 2, 2020

Dear KLSD Families,

We look forward to welcoming our students soon. If you’re uncertain about the student schedule for opening days, please see my letter of August 24.

As I’ve said many times, if we’re to open schools and keep them open, we must all work together. With that in mind, here are some important reminders:

If at any time, your child is sick or exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, you must keep your child home.

All students must wear masks on the bus and in school. Cloth and single use surgical (disposable paper) masks are acceptable. The mask should be secured snugly by ear loops or ties. Students should come to school with a back-up mask (stored in a bag to keep it clean). Schools will have paper masks available in the event masks are lost or damaged. Gaiters and bandanas are only acceptable if a cloth/paper mask is beneath them.

All students (and staff) will be asked to complete a health screener at home each morning (at least 45 minutes before the start of school). We will use an APP called ezSCRN. More information will be provided very soon. The APP will ask you about COVID related symptoms, travel, and possible exposures to COVID positive individuals. It will require a daily temperature check. It is VERY important that this screener be completed each morning. You can expect to receive regular reminders.

Student temperatures will be taken at school if the health screener is not completed at home. Students may also be randomly temperature checked. We will use touchless thermometers.

Please talk at home about the importance of maintaining six-foot social distancing to the greatest extent possible and about the importance of regular handwashing (and using hand sanitizer when soap and water are not available). All will be emphasized in school, too.

Many families have already picked up district-issued iPads/laptops. Understandably, some have emailed to ask about the passwords necessary to access school software. These passwords are posted a little closer to the first day of school. This year, for returning students, passwords remain the same as last year. A change will be required shortly after school begins. For new students, we will notify you as soon as passwords are available.

Many families have not yet submitted the annually required information through Family ID (you can find a link on your individual school’s website in the quick links section). This information is vital to us in the event of a school emergency, whether your child is attending school in-person or not. Please submit as soon as possible.

Finally, this is, of course, a very different start to a school year. We are mindful of the importance of still making each school day an enjoyable and engaging one for our students. Our opening days will be devoted to making connections, establishing new routines, and welcoming students back. Please remember that this is new for all of us. Our students, teachers and all staff will be working in ways we never have before. We are all committed to learning and improving each day.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Be well,

Andrew Selesnick, Superintendent of Schools