Reading Workshops

A TCRWP lab in action

A quick glance around the room reveals that most - if not all - of the students are caught up in story. As the students read,  Increase Miller's three fifth-grade teachers--Doller, Paul Crivelli, and Shelly Rieger--as well as Principal Kerry Ford and TCRWP Staff Developer Heather Reed, quietly check in with the children, one or two at a time. The adults listen as students describe what they are reading; then, they guide them in gaining deeper insights into their books.

This is a TCRWP lab. Reed is modeling a reading workshop for the teachers to help them to implement the literacy curriculum. She demonstrates tailoring teaching plans and methods based on assessment, giving the teachers ample time to ask questions off to the side of the class and in separate sessions. Every elementary educator who teaches English language arts in the Katonah-Lewisboro School District will have five opportunities to participate in on-site, grade-specific TCRWP labs this year. 

reading illuminates students' lives

Continued Partnership with Teachers College Reading and Writing Project

This is the fourth year that Katonah-Lewisboro School District has partnered with Teachers College Reading and Writing Project (TCRWP). While prior years have focused on writing workshops, the elementary schools are specifically leaning into reading workshops this year. TCRWP staff developers will visit Increase Miller Elementary, Katonah Elementary, and Meadow Pond Elementary Schools throughout the year to work alongside teachers in a lab-like setting to model what occurs in the reading and the writing workshop and help teachers to implement the curriculum. Our middle school English language arts teachers are also participating in professional learning experiences with TCRWP staff developers as they engage in collaborative study of the workshop model.