Moving Up 2023

Congratulations to Rising sixth graders!

They came into the Moving Up Ceremony as fifth graders and left as rising sixth graders. The transformations that took place on stages across the district last week were nudged into reality by joyful, student-centered ceremonies featuring speeches, song and more.

Each principal addressed her school’s fifth grade class, reminding students of the tools they have at the ready as they step into the next stage of their lives.

Singing one last song as an all-grade chorus gave voice to students' excitement. Music teachers selected pieces which underscored students' sense of anticipation: “Seize the Day,” “Here Comes the Sun,” and “You Can Count on Me."

Celebrations Created with care

While students crossed the stage one by one as they heard their name read aloud, they also stood as a class, reminding them of their lasting bonds.

Everyone enjoyed the all-grade slideshows featuring highlights from the last five years of 100-day celebrations, field days, dressing as a favorite book character and more. Tissues came out when pictures of students as babies and toddlers were juxtaposed with photos of them as ten-year-olds. “Snap.” It seemed to happen that fast.

Families gathered for a reception following each Moving Up Ceremony. John Jay hoodies and hats were among the gifts that the rising sixth graders received from each school's PTO. One special package prepared by each school's art teachers: a collection of self-portraits, one for each year of elementary school--a memento of students' growth  and skill.

Increase Miller Elementary

Increase Miller Elementary’s Principal Kerry Ford reminded the rising middle school students of the school supplies they know how to use and that they carry with them to the middle school, including:

  • Pencils: Express yourself. Read, research, and write
  • Erasers: Fix and learn from your mistakes
  • Rulers: Continue to set goals and measure your own success
  • Glue: Remember the bonds you’ve made with your classmates
  • Colored markers: Build on what makes you unique

“Cherish the memories and embrace future changes in the years ahead,” said Principal Ford.

"Seize the Day"

"we are so proud of what you have accomplished!"

Katonah Elementary

“I hope you become the greatest and mightiest YOU, and that you leave Katonah Elementary School with purpose in your heart!” Katonah Elementary School Principal said to the rising sixth graders at this morning’s Moving Up Ceremony. “We are all so proud of what you have accomplished at KES. Congratulations. We will miss YOU.”

Principal Harris also congratulated the families, asking those who were at their very last Moving Up Ceremony—after many years as part of the special learning community—to stand and be recognized. “We will miss you too!”

Meadow Pond Elementary

“Celebrate the end results,” Meadow Pond Principal Ashlyn Field reminded fifth graders in her Moving Up address. “Celebrate the final concert. Celebrate the championship.”

But, she reminded them, it’s more important to enjoy the process along the way. “Enjoy the time spent with friends practicing soccer and lacrosse. Enjoy the rough drafts where your teacher makes you go back and edit over and over. Enjoy the nights where you are working with your friends on the group project and eating popcorn and doing more socializing than actual studying. Enjoy the little moments because those become the memories.”

enjoying the moments which become memories

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