"When you draw something you remember how it works. You can think it through."

“I can tell you like this because you are so quiet and focused,” said Judy McBride.

McBride’s fifth graders were concentrating on drawing a circuit from a photograph. The circuit—a closed loop made up of a battery, conductor, lightbulb, and switch—was a familiar object to the students: the class had recently completed a unit on magnets and motors.

Amy Stockfield, a district art teacher who works with both elementary and high school students on design process, was leading the lesson and introducing the fifth graders to basic technical drawing skills and terminology. The skill will be used in early 2019 when the students design and build motorcars.

“Drawing a project first allows us to think through a design,” said Stockfield. “We can refine our design if it doesn’t work as planned.  You may find a solution in your drawing.”