"Pawsome" Student Leaders

A sense of excitement all around

It was hard to tell who was more excited—Katonah Elementary School’s Student Leaders Jordyn, Cora and Jonah, or the students in Rebecca Corrigan’s kindergarten class! The fifth-graders were on their first assignment in their leadership positions: visiting a class of younger students during Morning Meeting to introduce themselves and convey school news.

The annual cohort of Student Leaders is an important rite of passage for fifth graders at Katonah Elementary School. The students applied for the opportunity by sharing a letter of interest with Assistant Principal Kweon Stambaugh. They will meet with him and other administrators for training and team building throughout the year.

"Student Leaders are exposed to the values of service and collaboration and learn public speaking and consensus building skills,” said Assistant Principal Stambaugh.

Meet this year's Cohort of Student Leaders

Older students model respect and kindness

“At KES, students will always go outside, even when the weather is cold, but it’s important to dress properly,” Jordyn said to the kindergarteners. “This means you need to bring a sweatshirt, hoodie or jacket when the weather is in the 20’s, 30’s or 40’s,” said Cora. “On days when the weather feels below 40 degrees, please do not wear shorts, unless you have tights under them,” said Jonah.

After a brief review of three behavior expectations, the students fielded questions from the kindergarteners. Their demeanor of respect and kindness provided a role model for the younger students and exemplified the PAWsome Pledge. "We are very proud and congratulate our new cohort of KES Student Leaders!" said Principal Cristy Harris.