Moving Up 2022

The heart of Katonah—Katonah Elementary School—has the joy of yet another celebration reverberating in its graceful auditorium. In a room that has seen celebrations since 1939, the fifth-grade class of 2022 moved up to middle school on June 23.

The space, so familiar to fifth graders from all-school assemblies, concerts, physical education classes and, most recently, the fifth grade Variety Show and Do the Write Thing writers workshop, was filled with family members eagerly awaiting the sweet celebration.

The students were gathered in the hallway with their teachers. They proceeded in, beaming. Principal Cristy Harris addressed the fifth graders with highlights of their time at Katonah Elementary. The ceremony also included each student walking across the stage as their name was called to receive a Moving Up certificate, and the whole grade singing the KES song and "You Can Count on Me" for those gathered. 

Excerpt of Principal Cristy Harris's comments

You have done so much in your time here in addition to reading, writing and mathematics.

  • You’ve dressed for school in pajamas, black and orange, purple and white and as your favorite story character.
  • You’ve learned about the American Revolution, civil rights and social justice, and researched countries from around the world.
  • You’ve been part of holiday sing-a-longs and performed instrumental concerts.
  • You’ve observed first-hand the life cycle of chicks and butterflies.
  • You’ve celebrated Gingerbread Man Day, 120th Day of school, Flag Day and State Fair.
  • You’ve met authors, artists, musicians, firefighters, and even the local dentist.
  • You’ve experienced remote learning AND learning in-person while wearing a mask, sitting six feet apart from one another, and for a short time, from behind plastic barriers.

Memories to last a lifetime

"Most importantly, while at KES, you’ve formed special connections with teachers and developed meaningful friendships ... in the classrooms, on the playground and even through Zoom during tough times. May the relationships and friendships you’ve made at KES last a lifetime and may the wonderful experiences and lessons you have learned serve you well in the future." - Principal Cristy Harris

All students walked across the stage, received a certificate and an elbow bump

You Can Count on Me (recorded the following day at the end-of-year assembly)