Fifth Graders Visit Westchester County Legislators

Katonah Elementary School’s fifth graders were offered a taste of local government on a field trip to the Westchester County Board of Legislators.

Erika Pierce, District 2 Legislator and Katonah resident, welcomed the group. Student legislators were assigned to committees to discuss two potential bills:

  • The Use of Cell Phones by Students Is Prohibited During the School Day
  • All Food Service Establishments Must Limit Single-Use Plastic Foodware

The Board chairs called the meeting to order, the clerks took roll call and determined a quorum was present, and the group was led in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Co-chairs ran the Board meeting and called upon a public speaker and legislators to present their ideas and opinions. There was support and dissent and many well-stated opinions.

Finally, the clerks took a roll call vote.

  • The Cell Phone Bill passed with a vote of 16 yes and 1 no.
  • The Single-Use Plastic Foodware Restriction Bill passed unanimously, 20 yes and 0 no.

Legislator Emmett Barrow, KES Room 210, stated, "Today's trip was interesting, interactive and fun. I really hope we can go again!"