Third graders at Katonah Elementary enjoyed a Massively Multiplayer FLIPHUNT! “It was a way to bring the whole grade together,” said Lynn Garofolo, a 3rd grade teacher at Katonah Elementary School. “Students really enjoyed seeing each other.”

The digital scavenger hunt set up by the 3rd grade teachers featured 65 crazy challenges for children. Many were in core academic areas of reading, math and science—such as reading aloud to a pet / creating a multiplication story that includes the words catapult, kangaroo, and kiwi / acting out the water cycle.

Other quests were just silly and fun, like drawing a colorful, friendly message of gratitude and hope for the mail carrier / telling three jokes / acting out a favorite scene of “The Wild Robot.”

Students created and posted videos of themselves accomplishing the tasks on FlipGrid, an online platform that allows all players to see how others are completing the challenges.