Fifth Grade Kickball Game

High energy fun

Unexpected ricochets, impossible catches and split-second decisions; line drives and lobs; nick of time tosses to base and rounding the bases like major leaguers … Katonah Elementary School’s 5th Grade and Staff Kickball Game was so exciting you could hear the cheering all the way to Huntville Road!

The school’s “PAWsome Pledge”—practice kindness, accept responsibility, chose kindness, safety first—was seen in action all morning. The blended teams of teachers and students worked together on the field and on the sidelines with positive shouts of encouragement and celebration, doing their KES spirit wear proud. Kindergarten through fourth grade classes rotated through the sidelines, keeping the energy and excitement up.


On-base action

Certain to become an annual event!

PE teacher Danielle Cappelli pitched on-point balls for all teams while her colleague Joseph Murphy kept the innings moving and handled logistics.

The game was the first of several celebrations planned for the fifth graders who are ending their time at KES and moving up to John Jay Middle School.  Enjoyment of the perfect spring morning was made all sweeter by the recently relaxed rules on wearing masks outside.

"Being outside in the sunshine with the kids having some good old fashion fun was welcomed after what has been a challenging year for everyone," said Principal Cristy Harris. "It was such a pleasure watching the playful interactions and support among and between the students and teachers. Not even COVID could stop the strong relationships from forming and developing at KES!"

Teachers show spirit

Students show spirit