Celebrating Kindness

Ms. Couto's class listens closely

Kindness tips on Good Morning, KES

Younger students love learning from older children. When the first graders in Kristin Couto’s class saw fifth graders on Good Morning, KES, they leaned forward and listened closely.

“Here’s my kindness tip,” said the fifth grader on the screen. “Say please and thank you. It’s really important to have good manners.”

This was one of many kindness tips the whole school would be learning in April. It’s part of a PTO initiative called Celebrating Kindness that partners with Librarian Jeanne Hand, School Social Worker Jessica Fulton, School Psychologist Dr. Rebecca Zampolin and art teacher Christine Eckler to weave kindness into classes and curriculum. 

Fifth graders create movies on Flip Grid

“Fifth graders were asked to create a video of kindness tips in Flip Grid,” said Ms. Hand, who is also the producer of Good Morning, KES. “They are doing a great job. I also like how they are using the special features in the app to enhance their videos.”  She was referring to the cat ears, pirate mustaches and fancy frames the students were adding to their videos. 

5 tips the students have shared so far

  1.  Make eye contact with the person you are talking to.
  2. Say hello. It makes people feel so good.
  3. Help out. If someone drops a book, pick it up for them.
  4. If you see someone sitting alone at recess, ask them to play with you.
  5. Give compliments. If you like someone’s shirt, say so! 


Ms. Hand's Favorite Kindness Book

Kindness is always impt.

After Good Morning KES, Ms. Couto spent a few minutes talking to the students about what they learned.

“Kindness is always important,” she said. “In the next few days, our classroom is going to jump from 13 students to 21 students. Manners are going to be super important as we learn to be all together again.”