Used Book Swap

Alex scores a hefty “Cat in the Hat Dictionary.” Emma is already reading “A Unicorn Adventure”—one of the Princess Ponies stories. Jake is psyched to find “Leprechaun in Late Winter,” one of the only books he is missing in the Magic Tree House series!

All of the shoppers in Amanda Lisk’s first grade class have found books that they are excited to read! That’s one of the best parts of the Used Book Swap at Increase Miller Elementary. The week-long annual event, organized during PARP by librarian Juli Hoffman, not only redistributes thousands of children’s books, it supports enthusiasm for reading. 

"I absolutely love the book swap, because I love seeing books find new and appreciative homes," said Hoffman. "Many of us tend to let our shelves pile up with books we're unlikely to revisit, but book swap books are snatched up by eager and excited readers who can't wait to enjoy their brand new (to them) selections. It's like the book fair, but completely free! It's great for encouraging readers, and helping our planet in the process."