Increase Miller Elementary School's Science Fair

Over one hundred young scientists participated in Increase Miller Elementary School’s Science Fair on March 12. Projects ranged from understanding the science behind brain freeze to discovering if earthworms were teachable, and much more. 

  • What cleans copper pennies the best?  Jake tested 5 solutions. He found that lemon juice mixed with sea salt made the pennies the brightest and shiniest.
  • What paper is the best for making paper airplane? Julia, Penny, and Anneleise tested construction paper, tracing paper, and card stock. "The lighter the paper, the farther the airplane would fly," they concluded.
  •  Which brand of French fries are the greasiest?  Dylan, Sam, and Will’s hypothesis was Arby's. Their sight and taste tests proved it. 
  • Which sports helmet withstands the most force? Chris and  Scott strapped helmets onto watermelons and dropped them from various heights. The winner? The bike helmet!