pumpkin math

Observing and collecting data

Pumpkin Math, a second-grade tradition at Increase Miller Elementary, brims with good humor, curiosity and a sense of adventure! The wonderful investigation of the great gourd's inside and out reinforces math skills students are learning in the classroom, adds in science exploration, and even incorporates reading, writing and creativity.

Children work in small groups with a parent to estimate and then investigate their pumpkin’s weight, height and circumference. One student guesses the pumpkin would weigh 10,000 pounds! It weighs 14.4.

estimating ... then investigating


Using different counting strategies

They cut the pumpkins’ tops off and scoop out the seeds. Students write down how the inside of the pumpkin feel; their adjectives include slimy, gooey, stringy and cold.

Let the counting begin! Students count by twos, fives and tens to determine how many seeds are in their pumpkin. One group even makes an array, which they have been studying in math class. They count 646 seeds! “Great work,” said their teacher. “You found the strategy that works best for you!”