Gossett Nursery

a learning adventure, just 6 miles away

From the moment Increase Miller Elementary’s kindergarteners stepped off the school bus at Gossett Brothers Nursery on October 23, it was hands-on exploration, fun and learning.

The students scooped potting soil to plant their very own narcissus bulb and found just the right pumpkin to take home. “Do you think your pumpkin will float?” teacher Donna Dooley asked one student cradling her selection. The kindergartener smiled and nodded, thinking about the classroom discussions they’d had before the field trip.

Learning about soil with Tom Gossett

seeing tree moving equipment, up close

Hands on exploration

Best of all was the behind-the-scenes tour led by nursery owner Tom Gossett. The adventure included finding small earthworms and learning how they improve the soil; seeing Big John, the GIANT tree spade and other equipment, up close; and meeting Aura, the nursery’s “plant doctor,” and helping her transplant a small tree.

The students heard the rumble of an engine and saw a tractor pulling a hay wagon towards them. They stepped aboard and took a ride around the nursery—waving to their friends and teachers and enjoying each bump and shake from their hay bale seats.

A huge thank you to Tom Gossett and everyone at Gossett Brothers Nursery, as well as to the IMES PTO for sponsoring the field trip!