Fire Safety Week

a visit from the Goldens Bridge Fire Department

Amanda Lisk’s first grade class eagerly gathered around the gleaming red trucks from the Goldens Bridge Fire Department which were parked in front of their school. They were super excited because they knew that their classmate Ainsley’s dad was one of the firefighters!

Fire Safety Week at Increase Miller Elementary School takes a potentially scary subject and wraps it in a safety net. Principal Kerry Ford said that she loves how students learn important fire safety information from their family friends or neighbors. “It’s an exciting visit that is also very impactful,” she said.

Students see what community looks like

Lieutenant Douglas Orlovitz, who graduated from IMES in 2009, showed the students the department’s tanker truck, which carries 3,500 gallons of water. Goldens Bridge Fire Department’s community relations manager Steve Mangione, whose daughter Amanda Mangione teaches at IMES, distributed fire department gift bags to the students.

“As Mr. Townsend put on his full fire suite, he no longer was just Ainsley's dad he was now Firefighter Townsend!” said Lisk. “Students learned not to be scared of firefighters when they are in their gear as they are there to save you from fire.”