Fire Prevention Week

Students had a chance to step up into a fire truck, experience how heavy a fire hose really is, learn about a firefighter’s safety gear—and how it’s possible to put on in two minutes (with practice), hear what a firefighter breathing through air filtering apparatus sounds like (Darth Vader!) and more. These experiences were made possible by members of the Goldens Bridge Fire Department who visited Increase Miller Elementary School during Fire Prevention Week.  

The Fire Department’s safety message to students and their families: Have plenty of smoke detectors throughout the house and have an evacuation plan with a safe meeting place outside of your home.


The deep bonds of community shone through the presentation. “The people we serve are our neighbors and our friends,” said Firefighter Saurabh Mehta, who has two children at IMES. Lieutenant of Rescue Nicole Warshaw (JJHS 2012) agreed, adding that she was inspired by Fire Prevention Week when she was a student at IMES. “I’m glad to be inspiring youth," said Warshaw, "They are our future chiefs and officers.”

Thank you to Ex-Chief Charles Green, Firefighter Greg Ferrigno, Firefighter Saurabh Mehta, Safety Commissioner Joe Simoncini and Lieutenant of Rescue Nicole Warshaw.