FIFA Fridays

World Cup sparks student learning and school competition

Ask any of the fourth graders in Bebhinn Fahy’s class how Brazil is doing in the World Cup and they'll give you a fan's update on the five-time world champions. AND, they’ll share that Brazil takes up half of South America, that Brazil has more than 100 rivers and of all the world’s rivers, the Amazon River has the most water, and Brazil is the only place in the world you can find a poison dart frog.

One of the reasons that Increase Miller Elementary students are super engaged in the FIFA World Cup is because the physical education team of Matt Gallagher, Artie Blank, Lizzy Cazzari and Erik Hoaglund have turned the world competition into an engaging all-school activity. 

Fourth Grade Folds in Social Studies

Making a World Competition Manageable

The PE team assigned each class a country that’s playing in the World Cup. Students are encouraged to wear their team’s colors on December Fridays, earning points in a school competition.

The fourth-grade team took it one step further; each class folded in a study of their country. Jane Emig’s students are studying Belgium while Jocelyn Lividini’s class is learning about Serbia.

“Students are having a great time,” said Coach Gallagher. “They are pumped to win points for their class and they check out the bulletin board outside of the gym each day to see the wins and losses in the real 2022 FIFA World Cup.”