Soup Day and Harvest Day

Like the numbers 2 and 3
or the letters A and B
Soup Day is always followed by Harvest Day
at Meadow Pond Elementary!

Everyone contributes to the shared meal

On Harvest Day, classes took turns visiting the school’s Learning & Growing Garden. Students harvested corn, tomatoes, onion, potatoes, carrots, celery, beans, winter squash, Swiss chard and kale with gardener Margi Corsello. As time allowed, they also chopped the vegetables together.

A delicious aroma of simmering soup wafted through the hallways soon after the students arrived at school the following day.  Parent volunteers had made a meal out of the school-grown vegetables, complete with pasta and cheese options, and were stirring and serving up the delicious soup.

It was Principal Ashlyn Field’s first Harvest and Soup Days at Meadow Pond. She called the soup amazing, adding, “Thank you to everyone who helped make beautiful memories for our children."

Two special days that bring the whole school together