Salad Day

an all school celebration

“I love it,” said one student, contentedly munching her salad.

“It tastes like pizza,” said another, referring to the flavors in the dressing.

One boy had come prepared with his own bottle of salad dressing. Other students mixed sliced cucumbers and carrots from their lunches into their salads.

Salad Day could have also been called Picnic Day or an All-School Celebration! Classes happily head outside for lunch. Time together was made extra special by the extraordinary spring weather, upbeat music streaming from outdoor speakers and the fresh salads distributed by the lunch monitors.

local, healthy, outdoors

school grown greens

a cooperative effort

A few weeks back, the students had planted a variety of small lettuce plants in the school garden. The day before Salad Day, the students helped harvest enough mixed greens for everyone in the school to enjoy a salad and then some. Thanks to maintenance workers George Mikell and Steve Whitman, as well as teachers and parent volunteers, the greens were washed, cut into bite sized pieces and put into clamshells purchased by the PTO by the following morning. Assistant Principal Dawn Pomeroy highlighted the cooperation between everyone involved.

A group of students sitting together poured dressing over their salads, closed the containers and laughed as they shook them like pros—the prep was part of the nourishment. Salad Day success!