Learning About Plants and Animals

PNW BOCES Program Enhances Science Learning

Kindergarteners scurried around their classroom, looking behind books and in little pockets of classroom displays for slips of paper with acorns printed on them. When a child found one, they stood tall and still, like a tree.

They were acting out what happens to many of the nuts hidden by squirrels which are not found and eaten each winter. “They become trees!” said the kindergarteners. The game was part of program called Animals and Plants Change their Environment, led by Danny Carvill, an educator with PNW BOCES’ Center for Environmental Education.

empowering students to think like scientists

The students also had the opportunity to see and touch a beaver pelt and a log that a beaver had chewed. As they placed their fingers into the grooves the animal’s teeth left in the wood, they learned that beaver dams slow rushing water and create homes for plants and animals. “Like turtles!” said one student, remembering the ones they were looking for in the stream at Gossett’s Nursery.

“We’ve been studying the needs of plants and animals in our science unit,” said kindergarten teacher Jackie Kovatch, referring to Amplify Science, a curriculum that district elementary schools have just begun using. “This program enhanced what we’ve been learning.”

Thank you MPES PTO for funding this program.