How individuals shape history

Lessons in primary research and personal character

In a Q&A following the performance, students asked Tiffany Bacon, the actor who played Elizabeth Freeman, and Megan Bowersox, one of the museum’s educators, a wide range of questions including how they knew so much about Freeman’s life. Bowersox described the documents on which the presentation was built: Freeman’s court papers, the deed to the property she purchased with her son-in-law and her will, as well as the inscription on the headstone at her grave.

Teachers' follow-up assignment prompted students to reflect on the ways in which they treat one another and what their actions can accomplish for themselves and for others.

“Elizabeth Freeman’s story of slavery and freedom is very important in teaching us that we should always stand up against injustice and not be afraid to speak out for ourselves or others when treated unfairly.”

"She showed that our dreams can come true."

"It was an amazing performance. This story is important because it shows that with a good heart and determination you can do anything."