The American Flag and its Flying Rules

Why are Meadow Pond’s student ambassadors raising and lowering the American flag in the front of the school each day?

The reason why is just one of the things the fifth-grade leaders learned about American flag etiquette from Ronnie Quirindongo, the school’s security greeter and a veteran, and Ray Finney, head custodian.

“The light that usually shines on the flag isn’t working,” said Sahej, one of the student ambassadors. “When a flag is not properly illuminated, you have to raise and lower the flag each day.”

The students also learned that a flag can never touch the ground as well as the proper way to fold the flag—into a triangle with the blue section visible.

Sahej, Jake and Gianna worked together to hoist the flag to the top of the pole and tie the rope to the cleat. They watched it unfurl in the breeze for a moment.

“I feel honored to have this responsibility,” said Jake.