Student Council 2020-21

The middle school’s student government election was a lively contest, with nine students running for president/co-presidents/vice president on the One Pack United ticket, the Let the Students Decide ticket and as independents.  The candidates’ speeches, streamed on JJMS’ Youtube Channel, included promises for more fun in schools, more virtual events and more solar panels. More than half the student body voted. 

Matthew Denker and Austin Omin, this year’s co-presidents, ran on inclusivity. “We want to hear you and your voice,” said the eighth graders. “Our mission is for you to have the student government advantage without the commitment and responsibility it takes. We will allow every student in this school to share ideas and vote on what they think.” Their campaign priorities included clean solar for the school, new gym supplies and fundraisers to support COVID research.

The results of the student government election were announced on December 16 at the Student Council meeting. It was attended by all eighteen members of the Council, the two club advisors, Marcia Daley-Savo and Tina Russo, and Principal Jeff Swiatowicz. The club advisors and Principal Swiatowicz reminded the students that everyone was still on Student Council, regardless of if they won the election or not.

“You are the voices of our student body,” Principal Swiatowicz said to the Council. “Congratulations to the officers. We look forward to hearing from all of you.”

Sixth Grade Representatives

Caitlin Brennan

Hudson Lutz

Wes McCourtney

Seventh Grade Representative

Haolin Li

Eighth Grade Representatives

Wyeth Lindberg

Hadley Courtenay


Treasurer: Jordan Tabs

Secretary: Sophia Shaw

Vice President: Kaitlyn Condon

Co-Presidents: Matthew Denker and Austin Omin