science fair 2022

a showcase of curiosity

Would the color of light impact a plant’s growth? At what level does sound become harmful? Does a lemon or potato generate more electricity?

These were just some of the topics that students researched for John Jay Middle School’s Science Fair. “The event showcased students' scientific curiosity and excellent investigative efforts,” said science teacher Zach Miller, the organizer of the event.

While the projects ranged from hands-on building of a solar oven and potato cannon to analysis of light, sound and the factors measuring reaction rates, what they all had in common was students’ engagement with their topic.

“We had a really fun time experimenting,” said Harrison Riolo and Aidan Chemick, who learned about Lubor's Lens, a type of lens that makes what’s actually behind the lens seem to disappear. “We didn’t know what to expect!

measuring form's impact on a sprinter's time

Ainsley Graham and Derek Gober, both on John Jay’s modified track team, wondered about the impact of form on a runner’s time.

They enlisted their coach Jeffrey Tepper, also one of the school’s guidance counselors, to teach three friends the best form for sprinting. They timed the runners before and after the coaching. Two out of three improved their time. “This increased our knowledge base,” said Ainsley and Derek.

Judges awarded their project, “The Science of Running,” Honorable Mention.


combining an interest in sustainability and space

Chloe Chiang wasn’t sure what she was going to research for the Science Fair. She googled two of her interests—sustainability and space—and found out about the Dyson Sphere. “It’s a a hypothetical megastructure that completely encompasses a star and captures a large percentage of its solar power output,” she explained. “IF we built one around the sun, our energy problem would be solved.” She created a model for the Science Fair. Her project was honored with the Outstanding Award.

“Stay curious,” Miller said to the participants at the awards ceremony. “John Jay High School offers many great science classes, including Science Research. Stay in STEM!”