Each of the fifty projects in the John Jay Middle School Science Fair began with a question.

  • Lily and Stephanie always heard that chewing gum helped students be more alert. Was that really true?
  • Zach is a cellist. How did the sound travel from his instrument to the listener?
  • Andrew and Owen both own a Bluetooth device. How does this wireless technology work? What would happen if many devices tried to connect to the same Bluetooth?
  • Ara’s dad showed him a video of a bridge falling down and told him it was because of resonance. What more could he learn about vibrations, and what about the vibrations in music? 

“Students who participated in the science fair did excellent, self-motivated, original scientific investigations that emphasized their drive to understand a variety of real-world phenomena,” said Zach Miller and Christine Watroba. “We are truly proud of their collective efforts!”

Teachers and administration encouraged participation through a parent panel, school-wide STEM assembly, a webinar interview with climate and glacier expert Richard Alley which was broadcast on JJMS TV during homebase, and a flashmob during lunch by the science and technology teachers.

seventh grade awards

Grade 7 Honorable Mentions

  • Pierce Berke: Where will neural networks go next, and why do Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Stephen Hawking consider it a problem?
  • Rachel Lewis: Electrolysis of Water

Grade 7 Outstanding Awards

  • Ara Beigi: Resonance and Natural Frequency
  • Tahela Denu: To Vape or not to Vape, That is the Question

eighth grade awards

Grade 8 Honorable Mentions

  • Danielle Blachar: Food Allergies: What are they and why do they occur?
  • Ava Kersh & Ella Rust: What do animals really see?

Grade 8 Outstanding Awards

  • John Albert: Bridges: Avoiding Disaster
  • Abigail Stobin: Chemical Reactions!