Moving Up 2022

Celebrating accomplishments and steps forward

There were smiles all around—on students’, family’s and faculty’s faces—as over 200 John Jay Middle School’s eighth graders celebrated their moving up to high school on June 22. 

While Homebase Leaders and those who received the President’s Education Award for Outstanding Academic Excellence stood to be recognized during the ceremony, all students were applauded for their resilience.


"You can change the world!"

“Not only did you navigate the typical challenges of middle school, but you also dealt with a global pandemic,” said Jeff Tepper, the school counselor who has worked with the eighth graders for the past three years. He reflected on Zoom school and the hybrid schedule. “You overcame every obstacle. You bounced back. And when you arrived this fall for eighth grade, you were ready to make up for lost time!”

Principal Jeff Swiatowicz left the students with five points to remember including be a good friend, enjoy your family and be kind. “Your final assignment of middle school is to thank someone,” said Principal Swiatowicz. “Congratulations!”

ceremony highlights

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