John Jay Wins Individual Honors, Too!

The Westchester MoMathlon is one of five annual competitions sponsored by the National Museum of Mathematics. Three others, Manhattan, Bronx, and Suffolk have already taken place. The last for 2019, Queens/Brooklyn, is on March 27. 

John Jay Middle School’s first-place team are all eighth graders. They are Will Fenton, Spencer Hadlock, Rachel Lewis, Michael O'Donnel, and Will Sanz.

The third-place team members are David Bond, Ara Beigi, Sahil Chugh, Jack Shapiro, and Ben Gold. All are eight graders except Sahil Chugh, a seventh grader.

Five John Jay students also received individual honors at the Momathlon. Sahil Chugh placed third for seventh graders. For eighth graders, Michael O'Donnel placed second, Rachel Lewis placed third, Will Fenton placed fourth, and Will Sanz placed fifth.


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