Keeping Relationships Strong

Middle School Reaches Out to Keep Relationships Strong

“We’re all just an email away,” Assistant Principal Shantel Brooks assured John Jay Middle School students through a video that she, Assistant Principal Monica Bermiss and Principal Jeff Swiatowicz sent to all students about a week after school closed.

The truth is, the middle school's administrators, counselors and teachers are not only an email away, they're also a video conference or an update via John Jay Middle School’s YouTube channel away.  

It’s all about keeping relationships strong.

"We can do this, together!"

Committed to Connecting

“Positive teacher-student relationships promote students’ confidence and encourage students’ success because they are not restricted by the fear of failure,” said Swiatowicz. “Everyone at John Jay Middle School is really engaged with keeping the lines of communication open with our students. It’s what we were doing a few months ago—just in different ways.”