geography bee

The whole school was gathered in the gym—sitting on bleachers, sitting on the floor—yet it was absolutely silent as Principal Jeff Swiatowicz asked sixth grade Redmond Margie the final question in John Jay Middle School’s Geography Bee:

A recently created shark sanctuary in the Cook Islands includes low, rocky ridge-shaped islands made of coral that enclose a central lagoon. What is the term for these low islands?

Redmond quickly and calmly answered, “Atoll.” When Swiatowicz said, "That is correct," the cheering may have been heard in the main hallway! 

The Geography Bee is a fun way for students to gain geographical knowledge. By studying and investigating uses of maps, globes and charts, they understand more about the economic, political and social features of a country.

Congratulations to winner Redmond Margie, to second place Euwen Chong, and to finalists Julia Kowalczyk, Ruby Mendelson, Neha Nitta, Jeffrey Quinlan, Sara Strnad, Eric Wichman, Tyson Wu and Nina Wysmuller.

“The entire John Jay Middle School faculty is incredibly prud of these students,” said social studies teacher Kelsey Horst, who organized the Bee. “We recognize all of the hard work the students put in for the last couple of weeks in preparation for the event.”