A Mindful use of Technology

The student-to-student mentoring reinforced the OneNote lesson that staff developer Catherine Graybosch had given the students two weeks prior. It was one facet of a collaboration between Graybosch, Kathy O’Neil, a sixth-grade social studies teacher, and Jenn Useted, the school’s Library Media Specialist, designed to enhance student’ research skills and use of technology.

Educators Collaborate

An Ancient Egyptian Museum in the JJMS Library

The three-faceted workshop was integrated into the unit on ancient Egypt—a multi-disciplinary project in which students write a formal research essay and create an artifact which represents their research.     

 Students began using their newfound skills almost immediately; becoming immersed in the accomplishments of the Old Kingdom, how the Egyptians discovered how to blow glass, what the god Osiris symbolized, as well as mummification practices, how the pyramids were built, who wrote the Book of the Dead, and more. 

Team Zeal’s ancient Egyptian artifacts will be shown in the JJMS library on December 19, from 9:15 – 10:35 AM. The students will also present overviews of their projects to visitors.